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Photo day at Retro Studios

Every year I photograph the corporate staff photos of Retro Studios here in Austin.  The shot you see here was created July 23, 2013 This is always a challenging assignment since many come from other parts of the world, such as Japan, and have a limited amount of time for this image. The image you […]

Bike Race

This bike race is  called Mamma Jamma. Photographed October 26, 2013 at Reunion Ranch. Mamma Jamma it is held each year as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Austin.  

For Your Eyes Only

It is said “The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul”!  Look deeply into the eyes before you. Photographers soon learn to focus on the eyes if a great portrait is to be created. Looking into the eyes tells one of unspoken feelings, truths, love and sometimes deception. These images portray the ‘mask of the […]

Wedding and Engagement

In my career, spanning 27 years and as many as 500 weddings I have never lost the challenge of the exciting fast pace of the ceremony, reception and witnessing the beginning of a new family. Now all these years later clients still call to thank me, order new prints or photograph their children. Weddings are […]

Products and Food

My work with our non-profit charity, The Smile Never Fades, Inc. has brought me to another level, with the November 2013 publication of a 200 page, full color cook book with photography of the food and the cooks in their kitchens.  More information about the cook book can be found here!

Fine Art

Nowhere in all of the world of photography is there a more true statement than…”beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. So it is in fine art photography which explores the eye and imagination of the photographer.  These images are available as ‘fine art prints’ so if one must hang on your wall please […]

At Home Hollywood

At Home Hollywood  is an innovative new way for you to have fun and at the same time create money for your favorite non-profit charity. Here is how it invite 10 of your girl friends for a Hollywood themed party.  They each bring $50.00 and a bottle of wine. I will create stunning portrait […]

Animal Photography

Creating beautiful images of animals is easy…if you love them. Cats don’t pose and dogs rarely stay still…but with patience you will always get that ‘special’ shot.