At Home Hollywood

At Home Hollywood  is an innovative new way for you to have fun and at the same time create money for your favorite non-profit charity.

Here is how it invite 10 of your girl friends for a Hollywood themed party.  They each bring $50.00 and a bottle of wine.

I will create stunning portrait images, in the style of Hollywood of the 40’s and 50, ‘s of each party attendee.

My fee will only be $250.00 to come to your home, set up lighting and create images. The remaining $250.00 is donated to the charity of your choice. In the week following the event I will post the edited and very glamorous images in an online gallery. Files or prints will be available for purchase or your guests may simply browse the gallery at no cost to them.

As a bonus, I will photograph the hostess in advance and create 10 custom party invitations with the beautiful image of the hostess.  This will be a ton of fun for everybody and everybody wins…each woman will get a chance at a new look for social media or business at far less money than an individual session, the charity gets the donation and everybody parties with their friends.

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